All my doula services for English speaking expats have moved to a new place 🙂

you can find prenatal classes, support meetings, a blog, and more…

Dear women, 

as an English speaking doula, I can help you and your partner to give birth in a foreign environment. 

If you need more comfort in a situation, where not everything being said would be clear to you, you don’t know routine in our hospitals or don’t understand doctor’s professional expressions, I could help you to get the information that you need, so that you can decide what kind of care you want to get and then focus more on yourself and your baby coming.

What it is like, to have a doula?

The first getting-to-know-each-other meeting is free of charge (30 minutes). You will find out how I work and what can I help you with. Then you can decide if I am the right person to support you and your partner in such a delicate moment, as birth is. 

dula doprovod k porodu Brno

If you decide to use my services in the form of “birth package”, we will meet more times during pregnancy, depending on your chosen services. 

I can help you with preparation for birth, writing a birth plan, recommending exercise for an easier birth, explaining normal labor mechanism and medical procedures for interventions (if needed), prepare to breastfeed and a postpartum period with your newborn, all depending on your individual needs.

I´ll be available on-call 24/7 during the weeks around your due date and then, as you go into labor, I will be there with you from the time you call me until after 2 hours after the birth of your baby.

Of course, I can provide prenatal consultations only, if you do not need my presence at birth itself. We can discuss all the topics mentioned above. These consultations will be paid individually.